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Limenaria Thassos
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Thassos island lies around 6 nautical miles from the coast of Greece. Thassos has a great connection with all major Southern European motorways and can be accessed by road, by ferries or by air through Kavala international airport and  Thessaloniki's International airport.


As the distance to the coast of mainland Greece is only 6 nautical miles , there are numerous of ferries every day  that move people between Keramoti and Thassos island ( 40 min )

There are also ferries between Kavala city and Thassos island. ( 1h 15m )


there are two major airports that serve Thassos.

Kavala international airport, a 15 minute distance from Keramoti , the nearest and smallest airport for Thassos island

Thessaloniki international airport, a 2h 30 min distance until Keramoti, with a lot of direct flights from all over Europe.

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Limenaria Thassos
P.C. 64002

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